Procurement of foodgrains had been allotted to PSWC by the State Govt. w.e.f. Kharif Marketing Season’1993-94. Thus, PSWC undertakes the procurement of food grains on behalf of State Govt. where it has been entrusted with this responsibility either as a sole agency or jointly with other public procurement agencies. PSWC has been declared as a procurement agency for procurement of food grains including wheat and paddy. In pursuance of the policy forwarded by Central/State Govt., PSWC purchases paddy/ wheat from market/mandis as notified by State Govt. at price fixed by the Govt. of India (MSP - Minimum Support Price). The paddy so procured is given to rice sheller (miller) for the purpose of milling and the subsequent delivery of manufactured rice to FCI in the account of PSWC as per agreement with the millers. Wheat, on the other hand, is stored in its own godowns or directly delivered to FCI in the Central Pool.  PSWC also undertakes massive price support operations for foodgrain on behalf of the State Govt. to protect the interests of the growers. It prevents distress sales by ensuring to the farmers, predetermined procurement/minimum support prices. It also handles huge stocks of food grains procured for the Central Pool. PSWC purchases food grains from producers during both the seasons, directly or through purchasing agents, and from millers under various arrangements of procurement determined by State Government.  The quantities procured in different years by the PSWC are shown in the following graphs. A glance at the procurement of food grains by the Corporation would show the vital and effective role it has played in the State economy.


Paddy & Wheat Procurement Process

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