Containerization is the practice of carrying goods in containers of uniform shape and size for shipping in international trade. PSWC had pioneered the global concept of containerization in Northern India.

PSWC is operating non-railhead ICDs/CFSs as Common User facilities with Public Authority status equipped with fixed installations to offer permitted services for handling and temporary storage of import/ export laden and empty ISO containers carried under Customs’ supervision. At these ICDs/CFSs, ISO containers are stuffed/de-stuffed and exim cargoes are aggregated/segregated or consolidated/de-consolidated into/from ISO containers for transport (multi-modal) to their next destination by road or rail. PSWC has one Container Freight Station (CFS) at Ludhiana and four Inland Container Depots (ICDs) at Chheharta (Amritsar), Jalandhar, Bhatinda and Dappar (Dera Bassi). At Dappar, PSWC function is collaboration with CONCOR to offer logistics support to the containerized trade.

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