The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its controlor used by its employees for discharging its functions

All the Punjab Government Rules / instructions / guidelines are being followed by the Punjab State Warehousing Corporation in Toto. In addition, various functions / activities are being conducted in accordance with the rules / regulations / Acts :-

S.No. Title File
1 Punjab Warehouses Act, 1957
2 Punjab Warehouses Rules, 1958.
3 The Warehousing Corporations Act, 1962.
4 The PSWC Rules, 1974.
5 The PSWC Employees Provident Fund Regulations, 1974.
6 The PSWC Regulations, 1976.
7 The PSWC Staff (Conditions of Service) Group A & B.
8 The PSWC Staff (Conditions of Service) Group C and Group D Service Regulations, 2002.
9 Duties and Responsibilities of various Functionaries of PSWC. Punjab State Container And Warehousing Corporation Limited (Memorandumand And Article)

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