Process for obtaining the Information

1.  The applicant has go give in writing for obtaining the required information in form -A see rule 3(1) and has to pay fee at the following rates ; rates:

2.  Processing fee 10/- and Rs.2/- for each page in A-4 or A-3 size paper, created or copied.

3.  If information is to be provided on a large size of paper than that of specified in clause (a), the actual cost price of such a paper shall be charged.

4.  For providing an information under sub-section (5) of Section 7, the fee shall be charged from the applicant at the following rates:

a. Rs 50/- for providing information in a floppy.

b. Rs.100/- for providing information in a CD.

c. If information is sought is of a nature, which is contained in priced document, then that information will be provided after charging the price, fixed for that printed document. However, if only an extract or page of such a printed document is asked for then a fee of Rs.10/- per page shall be charged from the applicant.

5.  No fee for inspection of record shall be charged, if such an inspection is made for one hour only. However if inspection is made for a period of more than one hour, then a fee of Rs.10/- shall be charged for every 15 minutes in excess of first hour. Every fraction of the period above 15 minutes shall be construed as a complete period of 15 minutes and it shall be charged as full period of 15 minutes.

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