PSWC maintains very specialized and scientifically build godowns for proper storage and agricultural produce. The godowns are constructed under strict supervision and are ideal for storage of food grains as they guard the stock against all natural and atmospheric hazards.

PSWC's ideal godowns follow the following basic norms:

  1. Ideally built to protect the produce from ground moisture, rain, floods, rodents, birds, cattle, thieves, fire and obnoxious odour.
  2. Provides necessary facilities for inspection, dis-infestation, loading, unloading of agricultural produce.
  3. Is connected with motorable roads.
  4. Has adequate ventilation.
  5. Is not in close proximity to grain fields, salvage, dumping grounds, sewage, slaughter house, disposal clocks, etc.

Classification Of Godowns

According to construction PSWC's godowns are classified into following 3 categories:

Long storage Godowns: Well situated with high plinth moisture proof pucca flooring, strong masonaiy cement or lime plastered walls, pucca 16'-20' higher roof, doors and windows of sound wood and well connected with good motorable roads.

Fit For Short Term Storage : High plinth with kucha floor or ordinary plinth with pucca floor and plastered walls, fair ventilated and well situated

Not Suitable in Monsoon: Godowns not falling under any of the above categories, fall under this category. PSWC maintains strict efforts to not hire this kind of godowns.