Punjab State Warehousing Corporation, Punjab
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  • Details of HRMS Code of Head Office Employees

    Final Seniority List of DO.

    Final Seniority List of Drivers.

    GA Final Seniority List.

    Tentative List of DO.

    Tentative Seniority List of Helpers.

    SA Final Seniority List.

    TA Final Seniority List.

    GA Tentative Seniority List.

    Tentative List of Senior Assistants.

    TA Tentative Seniority.

    Final Seniority List of TA.

    TA Seniority List(Final)

    Final Seniority List of Senior Assistant.

    Final Seniority list of GA.

    Final Seniority List of Helpers

    Final Seniority List of WM

    Launching Campaign for Conducting Pre Monsoon Fumigation During June,2018 to Stock Within Targated Date

    Final Seniority Of T.A

    Final Seniority Of D.O

    Seniority List of Senior Assistant as on 05/12/2017

    Seniority List of SDO as on 05/12/2017

    Seniority List of Senior Assistant Accounts as on 15/9/2017

    Seniority List of Senior Assistant as on 15/9/2017

    SSeniority List of Accountants as on 15/9/2017

    Seniority List of Account Clerk, Jr. Asstt. & GA

    Seniority List of TA as on 18/8/2017

    Seniority List of Dusting Operators as on 18/8/2017

    Seniority List of Helpers as on 17/8/2017

    Guidlines Disposal of Wheat Markfed

    Measures to prevent damages to the foodgrain in CAP and Covered due to untimely rain Regarding

    Launching Campaign for conducting Pre Monsoon Fumigation during June 2017

    System for investigation of abnormal Storage losses in Rice

    Vigil and Storage(Wheat14-15 & Rice15-16)

    The warehousing corporation (ammendment) act,2015 reg

    Memorandum and articles of association of CONWARE


To attain & maintain leadership status, among the Logistics Solution & Service Providers by providing unique blend of

  • "Solutions" with "Services"
  • "Innovation" with "Tradition"
  • "Indian Focus" with "Global Mission"


PSWC also strives to grow its business in the long run by carving a niche for itself as a provider of third party logistics services and remain committed forever to enhancing customer satisfaction, maintaining a high growth path maximizing return on capital employed and consolidating its status as the market leader.

PSWC aims to offer to the Importers and Exporters in the States of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh, total Integrated Logistics Services and Solutions, for supply chain management, which are designed:

  1. To bridge-up the gaps between the Indian requirements and international practices and standards, by setting up and managing ICDs/CFSs all over the state.
  2. To be Cost & Time effective.
  3. To provide "everything-under-one-roof factor" concept thus ensuring total care for the customer's consignments.
  4. To render maximum Customer Satisfaction by acting as an effective link with all the agencies involved with containerized traffic.
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