Covered Storage

India is a pre-dominantly a agricultural country. Its rapidly progressing in the field of agricultural production, storage marketing and transport and has emerged as a self sufficient country. With the specification in the pattern of cropping and development in transport facilities, and fertilizers, irrigation facilities and improved seeds, the needs for organized marketing and scientific storage became imperative. Thus Warehousing became one of the most important components in the field of agricultural activity as a whole. In a developing economy warehousing system provides safe storage of agricultural surplus on a scientific basis.

PSWC stores food grains in constructed godowns that conform to specifications of Class I godowns and are free from seepage, water leakage and a well ventilated required plinths, cement plastered and are located out of Mandi and Rice Shellers, flour mills to avoid problem of cross infestation. Godowns are regularly sprayed with international quality insecticides & pesticides.