With the huge network of warehouses spread across the entire state of Punjab, the main aim of PSWC is Scientific Warehousing which involves protecting the agricultural produce from seasonal and natural hazards, pests, rats and moisture by using the most modern storage techniques and taking precautionary measures like spraying pesticides and insecticides. PSWC has a total capacity of 53.82 lacs MTs which includes 50.27 lacs MTs Covered Capacity and 3.55 lacs MTs Open Capacity. Storage of food grains is done in the own constructed godowns or hired ones which conform to specifications of Class I godowns and are free from seepage, water leakage and a well ventilated required place, cement plastered and are located out of Mandi and Rice Shellers, flour mills to avoid problem of cross infestation. The precautions taken not only to maintain the nutritious value of food grains but also increase their market value. Highly trained staff is appointed to supervise the operations of the warehouse so as to avoid delays and maintain a check on the food grains.